Advocacy is an important component because of its efforts to create
healthful environments, ensure access to comfortable healthcare; and
campaign to eliminate all health, social, and economic inequalities.
This help patients on their healthcare journey, it provides patients with
guidance based on their conditions and treatment options to enable them
make the right decision. Supporting patients with health insurance
processes, including filing claims and preparing necessary forms, empower
patients by helping them get access to affordable, effective, high-quality
Health advocates accompany older patients during appointments to talk with
doctors, take notes, and manage medical bills. They can also assist with
preventive medical care, managing daily medications, and promoting
activities that can improve a patient’s quality of life at home. This also helps
patients that are forgetful, such as reminding the patient when to visit the
hospital for their next appointment, when to take their drugs, diets to keep
and many more.

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