The Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board (RSPHCMB), Health research unit is embedded in the Department of Planning, Research, and Statistics. Its functions are based on the National Health Research Strategy which includes as follows.
  • Conduct Operational Research for Health Services
  • Conduct grant application for funding of Research
  • Dissemination of findings for decision making
This ensures that evidence-based information is utilized correctly in the policy and decision-making process, which enhances the provision of better and equitable health.
The RSPHCMB offers a platform for engaging stakeholders (Universities Researchers, Academicians, Public Health Researchers, and Multinational) for collaboration, which is in line with the vision and mission of the RSPHCMB.

Any research study involving primary health care staff or facilities requires approval from the Permanent Secretary, RSPHCMB.

  • Letter of introduction from applicant’s institution/organisation

  • A copy of a detailed research proposal of the intended study

  • A copy of any data collection tool (e.g. questionnaire, interview guide, consent form etc.)

  • Ethical clearance from the Rivers State Health Research Ethics Committee or other duly recognised Ethics committee

  • Comprehensive list of primary health facilities to be included in the study

  • Timeline (duration) for data collection from the primary health centres

  • Consent form for study participants

  • Copy of practising license of health workers, for any invasive sample collection

  • A participant information sheet for invasive procedures, explaining to study subjects the procedure, its potential risks and how the researcher will mitigate against such risks.

No. The Board does not have a research ethics committee and so cannot provide ethical clearance. However, you will be required to attach a valid ethical clearance from the Rivers State Health Research Ethics Committee or other duly recognised ethics committee to your application.

Kindly refer to the list of Requirements for a Research Application which can be found here

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